What is ‘Responsive’?.

If you’re not in the web design industry, or haven’t been in it very long, then you might be wondering what all this ‘Responsive Design’ is all about.

Responsive design is the term used to describe a design (normally a website) that responds to the device or web browser that is being used to view it.

Having a responsive website allows you to provide more of your customer base with an overall better experience.

Responsive design has become a popular talking point in recent years because of the boom in sales of smartphones and the general advance of portable computing. This new-wave of technology has given us many different screen sizes. And as it’s fairly unanimously agreed that one design simply cannot look it’s best on all screen sizes and device types, responsive design is certainly the way forward.

To give you a better idea of what it means to have a responsive design, have a play around with the size of your web browser whilst you’re on our website, or load-up our site on your smartphone.

When designing our site, we decided to cater for many different sizes. Below are just a few variations: