Twig’d Style.

We live near Robin Hood, don’t you know.

A Nottingham-based multimedia powerhouse, Twig’d aims to provide content-rich interactive digital environments to suit the needs and requirements of clients countrywide. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and informative service to our clients whilst remaining friendly and informal in our overall approach. With extensive design and editorial experience under our collective belts, we are able to create engaging web-based worlds for you and your business, constantly bringing our innovative, out-of-the-box way of looking at things to the fore.

By offering a number of different service packages, we ensure that the option you choose is fine-tuned to suit your individual needs, and works as best it can for you. By doing this, we are able to ultimately create a project with which all can be pleased. Our main selling point, however, is our offer of ongoing service; sure, we’ll build a website for you if that’s what you ask for, but we can also provide ongoing editorial support for your new webspace, ensuring that all information is maintained and remains pertinent and up-to-date well into the future. By doing this, we hope to build a strong and long-lasting bond between our two businesses, and allowing you to provide your customers with a fluid, ever-evolving online experience.

We create Solutions, not products.

Our mantra dictates that simply providing a customer with a basic website is not aiding them in their businesses best interests. Of course, they’ll have a new site, but new sites get old. And like anything technological, it happens a damn sight too quickly.

By creating a bond with our clients, we become immersed in their business, allowing a natural understanding of their business needs and in which direction to steer their unique digital solution. This means our clients get the most effective solution possible.

We believe Knowledge, is everything.

We pride ourselves on our understanding of digital-design, modern technologies and businesses requirements. Below is just a small sample of the stuff we’re really in to.

Multi-Device Nation

Now, it’s no secret that the way we communicate is changing, which means the way you communicate with your customers is changing, whether you like it or not.

We understand the importance of cross-platform design more than most, which is why we spend so much of our time dedicated to it. So it doesn’t matter if your customers are smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet-computer lovers, we’ll set you up with a solution that’s perfect for all of them.

Customer Loyalty

We know that the thing that really matters to you, is your customers. That’s why we’ve been researching the very best methods to keep your customers coming back for more. We utilise social media, strategic print and online presence to evoke a positive and organic experience for your customers.

Stress-Free Solutions

Dealing with the world of technology can often give people a headache, and if you’re one of those people, there’s no need to worry, you’re certainly not the only one. That’s why we offer a stress-free digital service, all we have to do is get you to answer a few questions about your organisation, and we do the rest. You can be as involved as you like.